Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Great Big Blog Party 25 - Winner

Time to hand out another prize - this time it's from Sharon Kendrick and here's the message she sent to me:
Cherie J is the winner, Kate - though I really loved reading all the comments.
So congratulations to Cherie J - please send me your postal address and I'll let Sharon know. And thank you Sharon for braving the new (to you) world of blogging to join us.
Can I just remind everyone that it's up to you to keep coming back and checking if you have won or not - and to claim your prize.
Neither I not the generous guests have time to come chasing you if you don't notice your win and send me the details of where to post your prize. I've made things easy by labelling every Winner post at the end of the posting - so if you want to check back all you have to do is to click on that label and a list of all the winners will come up.
Sadly poor Trish Wylie hasn't managed to get an internet connection yet - but her Giveaway will stay open in the hope that she might yet get through - so entries are still possible for her prize - and for Sandra Marton's so check out their posts and comment for a chance to win.
Next up - a very important Guest Blogger (at least in his own mind!) Ruby - this one's for you


Linda H said...

WoW! Congratulations Kate on the BIG 50. That's alot of books and I know you are very happy YaY! I am so happy for you that is wonderful. Also congratulations to the winners on here so far :-)

Just one question Kate how do I enter for the giveaways? Do I just post here hun?

Have A Wonderful & Safe 4th Of July All.


Kate Walker said...

Hi Linda and thank you for the Congrats

To answer your question:
On each guest blog the guest will post a question at the end of their post - just answer that question in the Comments section to the post and your entry will be included - then the guest poster will pick a winner.

You can enter into as many contests as you like each time there is a new one - just one entry each time

Hope this helps


Cherie J said...

Awesome! I am so thrilled to have won Sharon's book. I just sent you an email with my mailing address Kate to bive to Sharon. Thank you!


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