Saturday, July 21, 2007

A Kate Bit - Blog Party thoughts and round up so far . . .

I have been so lucky in this job of writing. Not only have I been able to do the job I love, but I've also sold well enough that I've been able to earn my living from it and so make it my only job.

But alongside that, and every bit as valuable, have been the numbers of wonderful friends I have made through my writing. Whether they have started out as readers, or fellow M&B authors, peope I have met through classes I've taught, at the RNA meetings and Conferences - or through the times I've travelled to other Conferences, where I was warmly welcomed in New Zealand or the Romance Writers of Australia Conferences, or even a couple of times at RWAmerica National.

Then there have been the people I've 'met' on the internet - on the eHarlequin message boards, the the Romance Junkies web site and Readers Club, the We Write Romance Site run by my brillilant web mistress Heather Reed. There have been some great reviewers like Julie Bonello and many others who have stayed with me through the years, and last but very definitely not least, the wonderful Lee Hyat on any web site she's been involved with right through to her own personal site My Tote Bag and her Authorsound Relations.

One of the reasons behind this Great Big Blog Party has been to introduce you to some of these people in my life, my friends and fellow authors, writers I admire, people I've worked with. I wanted them all to be part of this special celebration of this golden book of mine. When I started out, I had hoped that I might just make the total of 50 posters who would all join in, all come and say hello to you so that you could learn more about them - and their generosity in giving away prizes has been amazing.

And it's not over yet!

As I said, I'd hoped to make the total of 50 posters - and today, as we head towards the 41st Guest Blogger , I'm able to say that not only will we make that golden total - we'll actually surpass it!

I just checked the number of Guests I have till to come and the total will go past that 50 target.

And believe me I have some fantastic guests lined up for you in this final countdown. There have already been 40 of my favourite people in all the world chatting with you so far - there are more to come. Some of the best writers and people not only in the world of category romance but in novel writing as a whole. People I'm just thrilled and delighted - and honoured to have come and share this special time with me as have been all the people who have joined in so far.

So I hope you're not yet tired of partying and that you'll keep coming back for the next 10+ days there are left of the Great Big Blog Party celebrations. (We might even have to run into August!) There are some fabulous guest and wonderful prizes still to come.

I hope I'll see you all here!

PS And I must add a special great big gold Thank You to every one of my readres who have made The Sicilian's Red-Hot Revenge (and its companion book Sicilian Husband, Blackmailed Bride) such a wonderful success. With Vito's story still riding high in the Amazon Bestseller lists in the UK and USA and in Barnes & Noble, and Waldenbooks - this really is a golden time for me. Thank you all for being part of it.

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I read about the flooding in England. Hope that your area is not flooded.


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