Sunday, July 15, 2007

A Kate Bit - RITAs , Readers and Rejoicing

First and most important - the RWA's RITA Awards were announced in Dallas last night. Congratulations to all the winners but specially to HMB's own Barbara Hannay for her win in Best Traditional Romance.

Congratulations Barbara!
If you want to know the rest of the results, take yourself over to the Pink Heart Society blog where Trish and Jenna have all the news for you.

Readers - I have had so many wonderful messages from readers since I started celebrating the 50th and I want to thank every one of you who have written to me. I can;t quote them all but as an example, this morning I received a wonderful letter from Eva - a reader who has been with me for a long time. I can't quite remember when I first had a note from Eva, but I know she was one of the very first to sign up for my newsletter. Eva won a prize in the Romance Junkies celebration and here's what she had to say:

Thanks very much for letting us share your special celebration.

And I have to tell you Kate, your 50th is a 50 carat gem! I absolutely loved Vito and Emily and could not put down the book until the end, and of course the same is true for Guido and Amber!

Here's to your 100th! :)

I've been smiling ever since I read that. It's messages like this that make my day. Knowing that I've connected with my readers and given them a book that they really enjoy - that's my personal RITA award. Thank you so much Eva - I'm thrilled that you enjoyed The Sicilian's Red-Hot Revenge - and Sicilian Husband, Blackmailed Bride.

And Rejoicing -

Well, that's the blog party itself - it has been bigger and brighter and more of a success than I could ever have dreamed. And for that I must thank all of the wonderful authors and friends who have given their time to write blogs, to come in and chat - and given away their prizes too.

In the comments section on Wednesday, Lidia said -

I can't believe that we are still partying here.

And in another note I receieved from Dena, Liz Fielding's Winner from Thursday July 5th, she wrote :

Your big party celebration is so much fun. It's been a lot of fun reading all the guest blogs along with your own. This is the best party ever given by any writer ever!

Lidia and Dena - I'm so happy that you're enjoying the party and believe me it's not over yet! Yesterday I was checking out the blogs I've received and still have to post up here - and the party is going to keep on going for at least another two weeks. If I'm lucky we will actually make the total I aimed for of 50 Guest Bloggers.

And there are still some of the really big names in Romance writing and in Romantic Fiction in general. - So keep coming back - and see who is yet to post!

And while I'm talking about
rejoicing - I forgot to mention that yesterday was the Babe Magnet and my 34th wedding anniversary . (I was a child bride - honest!) So Happy HappyAnniversary Babe Magnet - here's to many more.


juliemt said...

Happy Anniversary, Kate! I hope you and the Babe Magnet had a wonderful day. I'm having so much fun reading everyone's posts and comments!


Anne McAllister said...

Ah, yes, the anniversary! How can I forget the night at Vinny's celebrating. We went there last week. The food is as good as ever. We missed the company, though! Happy anniversary!

Congrats to Barbara Hannay! Great news for a great writer and even better person!

ilona said...

Happy Anniversary to you both - it's so nice to see people still together after 30+ years :)
*says she who is celebrating 31 years in November*

YvonneLindsay said...

Kate! Warmest congratulations to you and the BM on your anniversary. An awesome achievement for a truly awesome couple.

And yes, isn't it wonderful about Barbara Hannay's win. I'm so happy for her. She's such a lovely, generous and warm person and a fabulous writer to boot!

YvonneLindsay said...

Oh, and I also wanted to say how much fun it has been reading and participating in your 50th anniversary blog party. Thanks so much for the opportunity. It was a real pleasure to share the joy with everyone!

Kate Hardy said...

Happy anniversary! And here's to many more.

lidia said...

Happy Anniversary Kate and BM! We celebrated our 34th in June.

Pam said...

Happy Anniversary, Kate, and Congratulations to Barbara on her Rita!

Dena said...


I hope you have many,many,many more.


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