Monday, July 30, 2007

A Kate Bit - Catch up from Wales and an apology

I'm not sure what happened to yesterday - travelling to Wales was one thing and then getting here to Caerleon and meeting up with everyone - and talking - and talking - and talking - and dinner- and the after dinner lecture . . . .
So by the time I got to the computer room it was locked and my chance to do the Blog Party entry was gone

So firstI have to apologise to Jenny Haddon aka Sophie Weston for not getting her blog post up yesterday as I had said that I would. I never got the chance!
But as it's now Monday and all is quiet(er) with everyone at their courses for the morning, and as I don't have any teaching myself until this evening, I'm going to try and catch up. And so i'll probably post not one but two Guest blogs to make up for yesterday - and to keep up to date. Then if I don't get back to the blog for the rest of today, it won't matter. So don't miss out - check back for not one but two lovely guest bloggers - once I've checked that I'm ok with posting anything from here.
So here goes . . .let's press SEND . . . .

1 comment:

Bernardine Kennedy said...

Enjoy Wales kate. Wish I was there instead of chained to the PC! and it's sunny.... I did manage a quick lunch out (wedding anniversary) and a quick shop. A three handbag shop!


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