Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Kate Bit - I'm back!

I'm back from RNA where I had a wonderful time at the Conference in Leicester - and what I want to know is how can three days away require so much catching up on?

I have n million (ok a lot )of emails to catch up on

More emails needing writing

Prizes to pack up and sent out from the Romance Junkies guest spot I did last wek (Thank you RJs for a wonderful time)

Washing to do - again - how can three days away create that much washing?
Did somebody mention a deadline??
Some New Writers' Scheme reports to write

A library talk (tomorrow - July 11 - Doncaster 2pm) to prepare

And while I was away my lovely kind editor sent me proofs for my March 2008 book to correct

Can I just cover my eyes and go 'Eeeeeeek'?


OK then - I'll apologise to Dee for scrambling her in as Guest Blogger which was all I could find the time to do while I was at the RNA . Thank you for stepping in, Deedle!

I'll apologise to Jane W-H, and the lovely Liz Fielding who have picked their winners and I haven't got around to posting them

And apologies to and from Trish Wylie who has also chosen her winners but not yet had them posted - and who never managed to get to the blog to answer any of the comments because . . . well, check out Trish's Blog to find out why.

If you do that you'll also get to meet her small but perfectly formed travelling companion - Sean - and some of you, the observant and Sid fixated members of you - might well recognise Sean.

Remember this? Well that was the formal photo - here are a couple more that were taken while Sean and Sid kicked back at the end of the official photo shoot.
As you can see, they got to be pretty good friends, But now Sean is off travelling the world with Trish while Sid is just happy that mum is home.

If you wabt to watch Sean's Travels - then look out for reports on Trish's Blog and on the Pink Heart Society blog every Tuesday and you'll be able to read an update.
And I'll be back with more of the Great Big Blog Party soon - I have lots more wonderful guests - and all with great prizes on offer - lined up for you so keep watching this space.


Christa said...

I'm sure you'll have no problem catching up. See you've already made a really cool slideshow.

Dena said...

Hi Kate, I wanted to tell you congratulations on your 50th book,and hoping for many many more.

Thanks for such a great party.


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