Sunday, July 22, 2007

Great Big Blog Party 40 - Winner

I have another winner to announce.

Nancy the Cat Slayer's cute dog Arrow has picked out some winners for Nancy's prize and here are the results:

Well, ideally Arrow would pick Liz Fielding because she, too, would like to go anywhere with Lindsay Davis.
Arrow's runner-up is Ilona because she would like to go anywhere with any writer so she could research all the great smells along the way (and any rabbits would be a definite bonus).
Good choices Arrow!
Liz - I don't know if there are any Kate Walker and Anne McAllister books you don't have! But I'll be in touch to discuss that.

And Ilona - I'll send you a list of the titles I have available for you to choose from.
Congratulations ladies.
There will be more Guest Blogs and more prizes coming up. The contests for Elizabeth Oldfield, Amanda Grange and Iris Gower are all still open - so post your comments now. And make sure you come back tomorrow when not only is there a wonderful Guest Blogger - but there's a real treat of a post from her for you all to read.
Call back on Monday to find out

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