Saturday, July 14, 2007

Kate Bit - Counting and Blogging

Okay, so I can't count!

It's my own fault - i tried to be organised! (insert hollow laughter here) and write up several posts in advance so that I could upload them when I was at RNA - and then I only had time to dash in and upload Dee's post - and I missed someone else's (Jane's I think) and my numbering all went to pieces . . .

So those Hecks - their post really should be #34 - and the next one (which I hope to get round to in a minute) will be #35

But while I'm talking about Guest Blogging - I should let you know that I'm guest blogging over on Scary Kate's blog today. Kate Hardy is celebrating her 25th book so I'm joining her over there to take part in the celebrations today. It's fun being on the other side of the fence so to speak!

And I'll be back with some more Guest bloggers here - and another winner announcment

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